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Start your skin care regimen with our Gentle Cleanser, a great gel designed to cleanse pores without irritating your face.

Belzima Gentle Cleanser is what you need to start pampering your skin.

It’s a gentle cleansing for your face because of the rich nutrients it has. It envelops you in a feeling of cleanliness and total satisfaction for any type of skin.

Belzima’s innovative Gentle Cleanser formula naturally exfoliates and softens your skin without irritating  your skin.

How to use:

Put one or two drops (like an almond size) of Gentle Cleanser in your hands, apply it in circular movements on your face.

Remove the Gentle Cleanser with warm or cool water and dry your face with a clean towel.


  • Deep cleans your complexion.
  • Contains micro exfoliating particles that clean the impurities of your skin caused by makeup or sweat.
  • Contains no parabens.
  • Refresh and soothe your complexion.
  • Prepare your skin to receive the nutrients of your COLLAGEN  and Belzima’s vitamin C creams.

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